Version 1

In this project we were to make business card, not pad, flyer and Letter head. I realised that the words were not aligning.

identity version 21

post card 12

Version 2

This version is the identity system project. It includes the business cards, Letter heads post card and also the flyer. I made The brown letter head to match the brown business card. Also I made the blue letter head to also match with the blue flyer. It back of the post card represent the various research areas in



Version 1

In the version my side bar was pushed the the bottom on the left. The information that was suppose to be at the bottom was pushed to the top right corner. The version 1 did not have any unique logo and this issue was in both the landing page and people pages.

web 12Version 2

webeeeIn the second version I modified the codeand that is how I was able to push the side bar up. The information was also moved to the bottom. I placed a logo to the bottom left corner to make it unique. I also maintained the UMBC colors for the landing and people pages so that it will be easy for people to know that the ISRC in in UMBC.



Version 1

In the version 1 the project was to make designs for ISRC. I chose to put the ISRC letters, words and the mission statement in the front and back. The picture below shows the comments I received during the critique. I received possitive feed back and some of the feed backs were that I should remove the boarders or box and also that the text were hard to read.


I learned that the mission statement was too long to fit in the T shirt and I personally do not like words on my T shirt and so when I was coming out with the final I limited my self with the ISRC letters and below is my version 2.

Version 2

t shirt version 2

In the version I limited my self with the letters but I placed the letters on the chest because that is the place where it will be easy to see. I also chose blue color because it matches with black. The second T shirt I chose the Polo and placed the letters on the back of the arm. I used yellow because it match with the black background.

Landing Page Photo Essay — April 24, 2015

Landing Page Photo Essay

This week’s photo essay is to find 5 sample landing pages for related centers that I like and could be appropriate for the assignment.

In my research I found five sites that were appropriate to the assignment. Below are the shots of the landing pages and the links to these sites. In the research I found most of the landing pages had pictures and one did not have a picture. All the pages had nice backgrounds on which the mission statements were placed. I like all the landing page with the exception of the Lemson school of computing. It is too simple and had more white space.






weekly inspiration “GOOGLE LOON PROJECT” — April 18, 2015

weekly inspiration “GOOGLE LOON PROJECT”

Google is working on the Loon project to bring internet to the five billion who are disconnected from the internet in the world. This project will beam LTE signals to every smart phone handset on the ground from the balloons thousands of feet above the altitudes that passenger planes can fly. The picture here is one of the baloons launched.


According to Mike Cassidy, the google engineer in charge of this project, this project has been going on for a couple of years now. The project is being tried with companies Telstra in Australia, Telefonica in Latin America and Vodafone in New Zealand. According to the engineer in charge of this project, there will be a reliable launching system and that the balloons will stay aloft for up to six months at a time and there is a system developed to predict where they will land and to retrieve them.

Internet companies will provide the Loon service to communities and anybody anywhere with a smart phone will be able to have access to the internet. My kids wanted to know if they could also fly their baloons in the sky and provide their own internet without subscribing from any company?

loon 2This picture above is showing test flights of Google baloons carrying routers around the world.




Version 1


Version had many things that needed correction. The icons were not aligning. Some were bigger and some were small. The frames were not the same for all the icons. People wanted me to change the adaptive user interface. Also the movement was facing up and it was suggested that it make it horizontal.

Version 2

postcard back final

In  the vesion 2 students adviced that I put the icons in frames. They also advised that I select the same frame type for all the icons. I updated the icons and added adaptive user interface. I placed them in white background so that they can be clearly seen. I also placed that in another white background and placed that also in a black background. The 100 % black background made the white looked like blue. And I also placed a small logo to make it unique so that anybody could Identify my works.