images (3)Many choices are made daily by printing designers and One of the most important choices that can be made is the choice of which fonts to use. We may not always consciously realize it, but fonts are frequently what draw people’s attention to look at the printed matter. Striking graphics might first catch their eyes, but if people can not read what it says they may not catch the message.

I chose Gill sans because is easy to see and cool to read. It can appeal to all ages and provocative to adult. It does not have a bar on top of the J and the Q has a wider o in the middle. The Gill Sans look some how like the Helvetica just that letters look a little bit stretched up. Also W is pushed in and not wide like the Gill Sans.

Times New Roman has some fancy flavor here. The J is not long like the Gill Sans or the Helvetica. It has tips to all the letters. The letters narrow as it gets to the end. This is widely used in the world and the youth love it.

Garamond looks fancy like Time New Roman but looks thinner. The T has both tips to the top and bottom. The J is stretched all the way done  and so is the Q. The G does not have tips pointing to the top.

Futura also does not have bars on top of J and the J is not stretched down. The letters appear to be bold and equal sizes . The futura looks more serious and also stands out.

Comic Sans looks like the Futura but a little bit fancy. It looks a little bit funny and can appeal well in comics.