My visit to the baby section at the Sam’s club glued me to this little family. I realized they do not care about everybody and they like to scream and make fun. They live in their own world where nothing bothers them. They think they can be on their own without any help.

Parents have no choice but to buy them. I asked one mother in the section about why she buys them and she told me they are so sweet that you have to get them for the newbies. The color of the diaper boxes are unique and appealing to parents. 0007874208617_A

TOUCHED COLOR: #ff000509

[R, G, B]=[0,5,9]

[H,S, V][206,100,3]


TOUCHED COLOR: #ff569970

[R, G, B]=[86,153,112]

[H,S, V][143,43,60]


TOUCHED COLOR: # ff593758

[R, G, B]=[89,55,88]

[H, S, V][301,38,34]




[R,G,B]=[198, 239,163]

[H,S,V][92, 31, 93]