//BLUE #6BBBED,   RGB: (107,187, 237)  HSV: (202, 55%, 93%)


LIGHT GRAY –>BLUE #C5C9CF, RGB: (197, 201, 207) HSV: 216, 5%, 81%)

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//BLUE # 1E57BO RGB: (30, 87, 176) HSV: (217, 83%, 69%)

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MIDNIGHT EXPRESS //BLACK–> BLUE #1A2338, RGB:(26, 35, 56), HSV: (222, 54%, 22%)hcclogo

The blue and black and white were more frequent in most of the logo for the various institutions. All the institutions have “computing” as part of the words in the banner. This is an indicating that all activities of the institutions focus on human computing. I do not like the Clemson school of computing because the logo looks to me like it is for animals. Just by looking at the foot print I thought it was for animals. The Indiana University and Drexel University have both informatics and computing put together to emphasize the relationship in Human Centered Computing. All the banners have very few color combinations which make it easy to see. I used the color picking tool to check what percentage of Red, Green and Blue were combined to make the banner. Some of the banners had very high content of the Red, others had very low content of Blue.