In the assignment we were required to fill the powerpoints with images that are related to the ISRC and to include 3 (new) images of something relevant to Interactive Systems. Each template includes designs for 4 slide layouts.

  • Title Slide
  • Title and Content
  • Two Content
  • Blank

old Presentation


My old powerpoint pages did not include the titles. There were no human being in any of templetes in the first powerpoint. I tried to come out with my own UMBC logo which I made in yellow and black. There was a background picture showing underneath the UMBC Retrieval logo. Also there was a line on top of the UMBC logo which came is a result of the cropping. I inserted pictures but still the lines on top of the UMBC logo was still showing.

Powerpoint presentation

powerpoint presentation 1

powerpoint presentation 2

Pics Source

In my updates I put the same logo on every page and took the logo that had the background picture. Since it is not a good practice to change the color of UMBC logo, I took that logo out. I snapped the UMBC and the Retrieval logos, cropped them, and replaced both the old retrieval and UMBC logos. I also added more pictures to reflect human center interacting.

In the first powerpoint in included the pictures of Georgia Tech HCC students working on their laptop computers and also students standing by a working robot friend. It also included a hunter who just shot a deer.

In the second powerpoint I included a picture of a young girl working on a computer. The second picture shows two men displaying how the human brain focuses on objects. There is a device on the head on the head of one of the men checking his brain. The last page is my lovely cat looking at some pictures on the screen.

The third powerpoint pages are showing what the ISRC department are focuses on. I have included a student working on his research work and a nice Pony on the last page. All pages have the same title and color similar to the UMBC colors.