In this assignment students were to create two different designs for ISRC “people” page with 10 people. Two of the pages were to be Flat structure and the other two were to be hierarchy. They must include Director,Faculty,Post Docs and PhD Students.

picture2         picture3

HIERARCHY1         version1

In my preliminary work, the class suggested that I modify many things. There were too many image borders. The alignment of the images were not consistent. Also the design was very random. The frames were not consistent. There were also no hierarchy. I was using the position the ndividual was holding instead of the faculty. I also added people who were not supposed to be on the page.

I updated the profile page by correcting all the suggestions. Pictures were aligned and one frame was used for all the pictures. Also the spaces were reduced to make them even among the pictures. I took all the pictures of all the people who were not supposed to be on the page. I also choose black, blue, white and orange background because it appears nice and also it fits well for technolodical companies and because ISRC is a information technology department it was cool to go with it.

Below is the updated version of the ISRC profile.


ISRC people page

The first two pages are the flat and the next last two are for the hierarchy. In the first two pages I entend to show all personnel in the ISRC department. Which involves the director, faculty members, Post Doc and PhD students. In the last two pages the arrow moves from the bottom to the director. The faculty and the Post Doc are outside the arrow and the PhD are inside the arrow. The last page moves from the director to faculty to Post Doc to the PhD student.