April is national Autism awareness month. Last Thursday several buildings lighted blue and one of the 10 Iconic Landmarks that Went Blue for World Autism Awareness Day was the Helmsley Building. This was in support of the awareness of Autism in the world.

autismThis year the message is encouraging friends and collaborators to be partners in the movement of accepting and appreciating the loved ones who have Autism. For 50 years now the Human Centered Computing has join in support by coming out with devices that can bring awareness to the world and also brought education to all bridging the gap between the disable and the entire world. There are tools such as imagine symbol directory which is made up of 3600 everyday used words for teens and adults to use in their everyday communication. This can be in video and pictures. We can do more to support. What are your thoughts about this?

autism month

Let us support autism with every substance we have because if we do not, then who?