Google is working on the Loon project to bring internet to the five billion who are disconnected from the internet in the world. This project will beam LTE signals to every smart phone handset on the ground from the balloons thousands of feet above the altitudes that passenger planes can fly. The picture here is one of the baloons launched.


According to Mike Cassidy, the google engineer in charge of this project, this project has been going on for a couple of years now. The project is being tried with companies Telstra in Australia, Telefonica in Latin America and Vodafone in New Zealand. According to the engineer in charge of this project, there will be a reliable launching system and that the balloons will stay aloft for up to six months at a time and there is a system developed to predict where they will land and to retrieve them.

Internet companies will provide the Loon service to communities and anybody anywhere with a smart phone will be able to have access to the internet. My kids wanted to know if they could also fly their baloons in the sky and provide their own internet without subscribing from any company?

loon 2This picture above is showing test flights of Google baloons carrying routers around the world.