Version 1

In the version 1 the project was to make designs for ISRC. I chose to put the ISRC letters, words and the mission statement in the front and back. The picture below shows the comments I received during the critique. I received possitive feed back and some of the feed backs were that I should remove the boarders or box and also that the text were hard to read.


I learned that the mission statement was too long to fit in the T shirt and I personally do not like words on my T shirt and so when I was coming out with the final I limited my self with the ISRC letters and below is my version 2.

Version 2

t shirt version 2

In the version I limited my self with the letters but I placed the letters on the chest because that is the place where it will be easy to see. I also chose blue color because it matches with black. The second T shirt I chose the Polo and placed the letters on the back of the arm. I used yellow because it match with the black background.