The above dotted picture represent a contrast. The shape of the first 3 dots from the left looks different from the second 3 dots on the right. The first 3 dots are facing down whiles the second 3 dots are facing up. The first 3 dots are climbing up the hill and descending while the second 3 dots are descending and climbing the hill.




The picture above represent tension. Tension is represented by a situation or conditions of uneasiness in a society. From the picture, the dots different dots are forcing their way into a very small entrance.




Rhythm shows a very rather pattern which flows through without any tension. The picture shows a diagonal pattern which could extend up or left or right.



The picture above shows that the two boxes are not identical. One is smaller and the other is bigger. The small has two rows and two columns while the other has three rows and three columns. The bigger box has two dots one on the top and the other at the bottom that makes the dots symmetrical.




The picture above shows movement. The dots are revolving round the four dots in the middle. The are moving at the same speed.



This picture shows that the dots are living peaceful. It can represent a necklace or chain. It can also represent a tire of a car. The dots are in harmony which makes the tire very beautiful.