Everybody’s feeling about visual communication is different.The keys by themselves may not provide any meaningful communication. Putting the various keys together could represent so many things such as dumb bells, fishes, plane, flowers and forest which could be interpreted differently by different people at different places at different times. One has to think about something and try to use the keys to design it. The purpose of this is to communicate through the keys. It gives such a nice feeling when you are able to design something that your audience like and understand.

The problem here is how to be able to get the audience to have the same meaning to what one is communicating with the keys. Many times the viewers had different meaning to the designs so my viewers gave their opinion which made sense to them but not all made sense to me.

My best communication here was the scale. This is having a bigger version and also reduce the size to have a smaller version. In my imagination I came out with the dumb bells. Also putting the keys together created a bunch of flowers which could be a nice bouquet for wedding. Another communication you would find in the pages are keys that represent planes. The picture looks like military convoy in the air. Seeing the picture from afar looks like the planes are moving in the same direction.