The Farley Building opened in 1914 and after 100 years this building is still strong. Designed by the same architects, Penn Station, such an iconic building will be a transit point for the rail in the busiest city in the united state. New Yorkers and all travellers will enjoy the new entrances to the Farley Building at the corners of 8th Avenue and 31st and 33rd Streets, and important emergency ventilation work. This is said to open in August 2016.

weekly inspiration — April 3, 2015

weekly inspiration


April is national Autism awareness month. Last Thursday several buildings lighted blue and one of the 10 Iconic Landmarks that Went Blue for World Autism Awareness Day was the Helmsley Building. This was in support of the awareness of Autism in the world.

autismThis year the message is encouraging friends and collaborators to be partners in the movement of accepting and appreciating the loved ones who have Autism. For 50 years now the Human Centered Computing has join in support by coming out with devices that can bring awareness to the world and also brought education to all bridging the gap between the disable and the entire world. There are tools such as imagine symbol directory which is made up of 3600 everyday used words for teens and adults to use in their everyday communication. This can be in video and pictures. We can do more to support. What are your thoughts about this?

autism month

Let us support autism with every substance we have because if we do not, then who?



In this assignment students were to create two different designs for ISRC “people” page with 10 people. Two of the pages were to be Flat structure and the other two were to be hierarchy. They must include Director,Faculty,Post Docs and PhD Students.

picture2         picture3

HIERARCHY1         version1

In my preliminary work, the class suggested that I modify many things. There were too many image borders. The alignment of the images were not consistent. Also the design was very random. The frames were not consistent. There were also no hierarchy. I was using the position the ndividual was holding instead of the faculty. I also added people who were not supposed to be on the page.

I updated the profile page by correcting all the suggestions. Pictures were aligned and one frame was used for all the pictures. Also the spaces were reduced to make them even among the pictures. I took all the pictures of all the people who were not supposed to be on the page. I also choose black, blue, white and orange background because it appears nice and also it fits well for technolodical companies and because ISRC is a information technology department it was cool to go with it.

Below is the updated version of the ISRC profile.


ISRC people page

The first two pages are the flat and the next last two are for the hierarchy. In the first two pages I entend to show all personnel in the ISRC department. Which involves the director, faculty members, Post Doc and PhD students. In the last two pages the arrow moves from the bottom to the director. The faculty and the Post Doc are outside the arrow and the PhD are inside the arrow. The last page moves from the director to faculty to Post Doc to the PhD student.

ISRC powerpoint — March 30, 2015

ISRC powerpoint

In the assignment we were required to fill the powerpoints with images that are related to the ISRC and to include 3 (new) images of something relevant to Interactive Systems. Each template includes designs for 4 slide layouts.

  • Title Slide
  • Title and Content
  • Two Content
  • Blank

old Presentation


My old powerpoint pages did not include the titles. There were no human being in any of templetes in the first powerpoint. I tried to come out with my own UMBC logo which I made in yellow and black. There was a background picture showing underneath the UMBC Retrieval logo. Also there was a line on top of the UMBC logo which came is a result of the cropping. I inserted pictures but still the lines on top of the UMBC logo was still showing.

Powerpoint presentation

powerpoint presentation 1

powerpoint presentation 2

Pics Source

In my updates I put the same logo on every page and took the logo that had the background picture. Since it is not a good practice to change the color of UMBC logo, I took that logo out. I snapped the UMBC and the Retrieval logos, cropped them, and replaced both the old retrieval and UMBC logos. I also added more pictures to reflect human center interacting.

In the first powerpoint in included the pictures of Georgia Tech HCC students working on their laptop computers and also students standing by a working robot friend. It also included a hunter who just shot a deer.

In the second powerpoint I included a picture of a young girl working on a computer. The second picture shows two men displaying how the human brain focuses on objects. There is a device on the head on the head of one of the men checking his brain. The last page is my lovely cat looking at some pictures on the screen.

The third powerpoint pages are showing what the ISRC department are focuses on. I have included a student working on his research work and a nice Pony on the last page. All pages have the same title and color similar to the UMBC colors.



This is photo essay of the Rite Aid corporation management.riteaid management photo essay

The rite aid profile above is a row base. It shows the picture and details in a row bases. It is very simple and easy to get information. The link to the individual details is embedded in the photo or the name of the person. I think is cool.

Below is the page for Towson University

towson directory

In the assignment I captured the Towson University profile but could not preview the pictures. Simply because the pictures were embedded in the URL. To view the profile pictures one has to go to the individual person’s profile. I think the the Towson University one is more professional than the Rite aid profile.

Photo essay of the role color plays in design — March 17, 2015

Photo essay of the role color plays in design


Grey 60%                           //Grey

RGB: (161, 166, 165)         #A1A6A5

HSV: (168, 3%, 65%)



BLACK                    //BLACK

RGB: (1, 0, 0)          #010100

HSV: (60, 100%, 0%)



RGB: (91, 59, 105)   #5B3B69

HSV: (282, 44%, 41%)


GREY 60%          //GREY

RGB: (155, 161, 166)         #9BA1A6

HSV: (207, 7%, 65%)



RGB:(59, 48, 34)       #3B3022

HSV: (34, 42%, 23%)


The items photos listed above were taken from the womens’ section at the Riteaid store in Aberdeen. It shows the color combinations and what percentages of colors were combined. All the product photos had at least some other color combination that made it attractive. For instance the Always had 91 Red, 59 Green and 105 Blue. I like the color combination of “the Botanics” because I can easily see the writing in black and also the yellow and green leaves. I don not like the “Eysilix” because it hard to see the writing in white.




version 1



Version 2



The above letters are active and represents a river flowing up the hill and coming down though the valley.I thought the version 1 idea was okay but the suggestion I got was to make the letters actually reflect the activeness of the river. So in the version 2, the letters are actively spinning to reflect the flow of the river. When rivers flow, items that are moving in the river actively spin around and that is what the letters are showing.


version 1



Version 2STATIC

The pictures above represent static. The letters can not be moved or changed. In the version 1 the suggestions I got was to make it really hard to move so I reduced the size and put the letters really close to each other. This has made it tiny so that it will be very difficult for the letters to be recognized and that will make it hard to temper with.


version 1




In the pictures above represent grouping. The version 1 had space in between the letters. I closed the space to make the letters look as if they were one in the version 2.


version 1


Version 2


The above letters were picked randomly. The letters are appearing without a method or conscious decision.The M is sitting on J and J is siting on W. W appears to be stronger because it is carrying all the weight from M and J. The suggestion I got was to let the M and W look symmetric somehow.


version 1



The symbol here represent unity. Together the 3 letters can be a formidable force. Unity they stand divided they fall. The version 1 had space between the J and M and I was advised to bring the J at the bottom to close the space. The version 2 has J at the bottom to show the umbrella handle.